Forza Tuning and Performance of Clearwater, Florida is your one-stop source for complete Jeep Trackhawk service, repair and performance modification – including expert tuning by the nation’s premier performance guru, Forza founder and President, Brenton Brown. Also known as the Exotic Car Doc, Brenton Brown specializes in radical performance modifications for the Jeep Trackhawk.

Situated along Florida’s gorgeous Sun Coast, Forza Tuning and Performance offers residents of Tampa, Tampa Bay, Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Orlando, Florida specialized performance modification for the Jeep Trackhawk. If you own a Jeep Trackhawk, and do not reside near the Sun Coast, take advantage of Forza enclosed vehicle transport service. This is fully enclosed, comprehensively ensured, professionally operated vehicle transport offered as either a one-way or roundtrip service.

The Exotic Car Doc can provide any degree of modification available for your Jeep Trackhawk while leaving it with a stock appearance and driving feel. Of course, the Forza Stage 4-R Package is your best bet for optimum performance.

Procedures, modifications and components included in the Forza Stage 4-R Package often include porting of the snout and supercharger hub. This modification of the Jeep Trackhawk supercharger requires an extreme level of skill and knowledge. It is very labor intensive and should never be attempted by anyone except an expert. The supercharger must be removed, drained and disassembled before a specialized porting and polishing tool is used to remove excessive debris from air channels and passages. Surfaces are sanded smooth and polished to a luster where possible. Excessive debris can also be removed with a CNC machine in some instances. Once all of the excessive material has been removed and the chambers are polished, the supercharger is reconstructed, reinstalled on the Jeep Trackhawk and refilled with oil. The pulleys for the supercharger and the crankshaft are upgraded for optimum size and composition. Dramatic increases in horsepower can be expected from this type of modification.

jeep trackhack 1,000 HP tuning in florida

forza jeep trackhawk in florida

The Jeep Trackhawk exhaust system may be enhanced with a set of Forza Stainless-Steel long tube exhaust headers and a catalytic converter delete kit (for off-road use only). This completely opens up the Jeep Trackhawk exhaust system and allows the big supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI engine to breathe.

Next for your Jeep Trackhawk; a 160-degree thermostat, a set of Brisk Racing spark plugs and a Forza fuel system upgrade can be maximized with Forza PCM modification (tuning) at the hands of the Exotic Car Doc. Regardless of the level of modification, the Exotic Car Doc can use his skilled hands to wring every last drop of horsepower from your Jeep Trackhawk with expert tuning.

Nitrous packages, suspension upgrades, brake system upgrades and driveline upgrades are also available for your Jeep Trackhawk.