1000HP Trackhawk Test Drive! – The Cops Got Called!!!

The Forza Tuning and Performance crew are at it again. This time they are putting a 1,000hp Stage 4-R Jeep Trackhawk through its paces on a closed course. The Man (Forza President Brenton Brown) is attempting to replicate a customer complaint before putting the 1,000HP Trackhawk on the enclosed vehicle transport. Ride along as the premier performance tuner in the nation puts the pedal to the metal.

After putting the finishing touches on an F1 Racing exhaust system for a 500HP Gen I Lamborghini Gallardo, Brenton climbs behind the wheel of the 1,000HP Stage 4-R Trackhawk. It is worth noting that although the Trackhawk is capable of churning out 1,000HP, it is even more dependable than stock. Despite having the heart of a race car, the Stage 4-R Trackhawk possesses full factory amenities, including frigid air conditioning and thunderous audio.

Even in factory trim, the Jeep Trackhawk is a beast. Equipped with a 6.2-liter supercharged V8, the Trackhawk is the most capable SUV ever produced. The Forza Stage 4-R Package takes the Jeep Trackhawk to the next level. Maximum engine output is escalated from 707HP to 1,000HP. The most significant modification in the Stage 4-R Package pertains to the supercharger. Forza technicians remove the supercharger. Once it is removed, it is expertly ported to increase volume. The supercharger is reinstalled with a Forza supercharger spacer, an upgraded pulley and a Gates Green belt. The stock harmonic damper is replaced with an oversize damper and pinned to the crankshaft. This meticulous procedure will help to prevent slippage at high RPM. Stainless long tube exhaust headers and performance catalytic converters will whisk those spent gases away and promote more rapid heat dissipation. A set of Brisk Racing spark plugs and a low-temperature thermostat are added before the PCM is skillfully tuned by the Exotic Car Doc (Brenton Brown) himself.

As you can see from the video, the 1,000HP Forza Stage 4-R Jeep Trackhawk is the baddest SUV on the road. 

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