Dare I utter the words? World’s Fastest Dodge Demon? Why not? This Dodge Demon is already equipped with the mind-blowing Forza Stage 4-R Performance Package, but at the car owner’s request, Forza has also added a custom nitrous kit from Nitrous Outlet. All this on a car capable of churning out 800hp from the factory!

When the skilled staff of technicians at Forza Tuning and Performance (Clearwater, Florida) undertake a Forza Stage 4-R build on a Dodge Demon, it’s a life altering experience. They expertly port the supercharger and the snout. That involves removal of any unnecessary material inside the supercharger. This process is extremely meticulous and requires a high degree of skill and attention to detail. Don’t try this at home! After that, the supercharger pullies are upgraded for maximum efficiency. A set of long tube exhaust headers replace stock manifolds for this Dodge Demon, and the catalytic converters are deleted. This removes any sign of restriction from the exhaust system and allows the engine to breathe freely and deeply. A set of Brisk Racing spark plugs, a 160-degree thermostat and a custom Forza fuel system upgrade go hand-in-hand with a PCM modification to match the copious amount of air that will now be forced into the engine with the addition of the Forza Stage 4-R Package.

forza tuned car tuning specialists in floridaCustom Nitrous Delivery System

For this deadly Dodge Demon, Forza President Brenton Brown (the Exotic Car Doc), has devised a custom nitrous delivery system that is absolutely maniacal. The supercharger has been modified so that the nitrous charge may be delivered individually to each cylinder, simultaneously. By blowing the nitrous pill directly above each combustion chamber, optimum performance is derived from the cold go-go juice. It will be interesting to see what madness may be conjured from the various electronic systems controllers once the Exotic Car Doc takes tuning duties into his masterful hands.

Check out the video to hear Brenton Brown describe the detail with which he and his crew take on tasks like torqueing and retorqueing fasteners on what will likely be the world’s fastest Dodge Demon. He explains the theory of diminished capacity as it pertains to superchargers and laughing gas (nitrous) and he lays out the many extras that are going into this project.

Oh, there is also a section on pump gas, race gas and octane boosters that you don’t want to miss. It turns out – they are NOT all the same.