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Forza is your dealer alternative for all Bugatti repairs including, but not limited to: electrical, heating & A/C, suspension, brakes, engine, transmission and differential.


The manufacturer can't foresee every issue that will arise. At Forza, we not only use manufacturer recommendations, be also our our knowledge & expertise about Bugatti obtained over the years. We take pride in custom tailoring a maintenance schedule to fit your vehicles's specific needs.


Prior to purchasing any Bugatti, it's important to have it properly inspected. Forza offers prospective buyers a rigorous pre-purchase inspection on all vehicles. We know how important peace of mind is on any new purchase.


As the owner of a vehicle that has drawn more than its fair share of Guinness World Record attention (Top Speed for a Production Vehicle), you must carefully consider who to trust with servicing your highly sophisticated Bugatti vehicle.

I am Brenton Brown, founder of Forza Tuning and Performance in Clearwater, Florida. I can tell you with total confidence that I and my hand-picked team of factory trained experts can offer you a viable dealer alternative for all your Bugatti factory scheduled maintenance, repairs, and high-performance modification needs.

In 2014, after working for twenty-years as an exotic vehicle technician and tuner, I opened Forza Tuning and Performance to meet an obvious need among sports car enthusiasts. With a skilled staff in place, I found a secure location, and we have gradually assembled a complex array of the most modern tools and equipment in the world. This includes many specialty tools designed for Bugatti and other exotic vehicles and a four-wheel dynamometer that is used for tuning and testing.

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With the following three guideposts as our top priorities, the Forza team and I are committed to providing Bugatti owners courteous, professional service at a reasonable rate and in a timely manner.

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Integrity is Key

First and foremost, we are people of integrity at Forza Tuning and Performance. Down to a person, we demand the highest level of integrity from ourselves and we will accept no less of each other. Every aspect of how we handle your magnificent Bugatti is regulated by this high level of integrity. I am Brenton Brown and you have my word on that.

Accessibility and Transparency in All Things

In theory and practice, the Forza team is devoted to full disclosure and transparency in our customer relationships. I am always available to take your phone calls and face-to-face meetings can be easily arranged. As a Bugatti enthusiast, I am always glad to listen to your ideas and suggestions regarding your treasured vehicle. As an ASE L1 Certified Technician, I am capable of turning those ideas into reality.

If you would like a personal tour of Forza Tuning and Performance, I am delighted to show-off our well- equipped facility to established and perspective customers alike.

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Customer Satisfaction is Our Top Priority

Without our loyal customers, there is no Forza Tuning and Performance. Without customer satisfaction, there would be no loyalty. We want to be your ‘go-to’ shop for all your Bugatti needs – and we want to build a relationship that lasts a lifetime. From the wash rack to the oil change bay to the tuning stall, every facet of your Forza experience is designed with a focus on complete customer satisfaction.

Forza Tuning and Performance is a better alternative than “Dealer” service for your Bugatti. We offer personalized professional care for your prized vehicles. When you call us, Brenton Brown (Forza founder and owner) is available to speak with you at length about your car and your needs or plans. Brenton is himself an ASE Master L1 Certified technician who may be “hands-on” with your vehicle for maintenance, repair or modifications; in any event, Brenton will be the man who oversees technicians who perform any work on your machine.

The entire Forza crew understands how much you love and treasure your Bugatti. Forza invites you to compare your experience with us against your experience with your current dealer and decide for yourself which gives the best one-on-one personalized service. Our reputation has been built by knowing not only your car, but also by learning, knowing, and respecting you.

Forza offers fully insured, enclosed and professional vehicle transportation, round-trip or one-way as you require, anywhere in the continental United States.

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*We are happy to assist with any vehicle inquiries that are not listed above.

*FORZA offers numerous options that are vehicle/transmission specific such as paddle shifters, vinyl wraps/badges, performance wheels/tires, etc.

*Enclosed vehicle transportation available anywhere in the continental United States.