After the Pro Charger, my V6 Mustang made 392 hp, and 316 tq. That’s the same hp, and nearly the same tq, as the 2013 Boss. A lot of guys get more, but I asked Brenton to not go bonkers on hp. The car has to last. Give me a smooth street car. That is exactly what l got. FWIW, I did one zero to 60 on a deserted back road. I am no launch expert by any stretch, and I left too much rubber on the road, but…. 4.8 seconds. So I would have to say the Dyno numbers are right. I am fortunate in that Forza is only 53 miles from home. The whole experience was a lot of fun. You can tell that these guys enjoy what they do. And they’re good at it. The shop is like something you would see on tv, or in a magazine. They are detail driven. Even their t-shiirts are better than any one else’s. They’re a little longer, and slimmer than the average.