I have 12 year old stock Z06 that was recently pictured. Started running a little hotter than normal. Went from a normal 190 degrees up to 205 degrees in the last year. Read all kind of horror stories on internet about dealers working on Z06 with heating issues and how they normally did not fix them and charged an arm and leg. After lots of discussion with Brenton decided to have him work on it and clean and flush radiator and go with a lower temp thermostat and dyno tune. After I picked it up, I drove the car hard for about an hour at higher rpm and temperature issue is solved. Never got above 180 degrees. Even on stock engine I could tell a big difference with the dyno tune from about mid range on up, but the biggest difference for me is it runs so much smoother through all the ranges from idle on up. For me if you have a performance car, I think the dyno tune is well worth the cost. I am older and Brenton very patiently listened to all my concerns and took very good care of my car and it runs great. I am very satisfied and I highly recommend him.

Thanks Brenton!!!!