I had Forza do my Hellcat, they did the 1000 horse stage 4 kit and the complete rear suspension package. First off my car hooks and hooks hard, huge difference over stock. Rear suspension works really good. As far as the tune, my car dynos out in the 869-890 rear wheel horsepower range, depends on weather and dyno being used. So without a doubt its 1000 horse at the engine like they advertise. My car is a automatic and is very reliable. I picked my car up from Forza and drove over 300 miles home, averaging 23 miles to the gallon. Of course it would have been more, but it was hard to keep my foot out of the throttle. If you can handle a 9 (9.80’s) second street car and have the money, I highly recommend Brenton Brown and his crew. They are top notch guys, who will make your Hellcat a beast.