Our loyal customer base continues to thrive in the Tampa Bay area and throughout the state. Unfortunately, all of our clients can’t reside in sunny Florida. As an added luxury service to our customers within the continental United States we offer enclosed, fully-insured, professional transport; from your garage to the Forza facility in Clearwater, Florida. This is premium, white-glove transport service in a state-of-the-art enclosed carrier that is equipped with the latest in vehicle placement, apprehension, and retention systems. It is available as either a one-way or round-trip transport.

As The Exotic Car Doc, no one understands better than (Forza founder/owner) Brenton Brown, the stress associated with handing your luxury, exotic, classic, vintage, or high-performance vehicle over to a third party (other than the owner or dealer). Forza Tuning and Performance utilizes only late-model, state-of-the-art, fully insured trucks, enclosed trailers, and equipment, as well as factory trained, certified, and skilled operators to ensure that no detail is overlooked as it pertains to the safety and security of your high-value vehicle, or vehicles.

When you trust Forza Performance and Tuning for your exotic and luxury vehicle transport, The Exotic Car Doc will typically dispatch a dual-level, hard-sided, semi-trailer that has been outfitted with all necessary hydraulic lift gates and ramps required to safely load and secure even the most exotic of vehicles. Models with zero ground clearance and extra-wide body panels are all taken into consideration when configuring these specially designed semi-trailers. Application specific ratchet straps, hooks, and covers are used to provide a level of protection for your valuable vehicle that could only be described as exemplary.

If you are held by work or other commitments, from travelling to the beautiful Tampa Bay area, The Exotic Car Doc recommends roundtrip vehicle transport – from your driveway or vehicle storage facility to the Forza compound in Clearwater, Florida. The Forza Performance and Tuning team, led by Brenton Brown (a.k.a. The Exotic Car Doc), will treat your precious vehicle just like a baby. They will carry out your service, repair, and modification requirements and put your ride back on a secure semi-trailer for the careful ride back home.

Of course, The Exotic Car Doc would love for you to personally come and enjoy the beautiful beaches of Florida’s Gulf Coast, get acquainted with the Tampa Bay area and all its culture and beauty. You could meet Brenton and take in some of the areas stunning night life, while having your exotic, luxury, or high-performance vehicle repaired to your request. After repairs are complete, you could enjoy your special vehicle on the beach before taking a relaxing road trip back home.

Since most luxury vehicle carriers are of the multi-vehicle variety, The Exotic Car Doc also suggests that you transport more than one vehicle for service. If you have friends or family members that also own exotic, vintage, classic, or high-performance vehicles, you can all share the ride. This is also a great means of getting away for a beautiful, multi-family beach vacation – then race back home! Just