As the owner of a handcrafted Bentley vehicle, you are the beneficiary of a rich and successful racing heritage. Years prior to World War I, W.O. Bentley imported and raced French automobiles made by Doriot, Flandarin & Parant (DFP).

During a visit to the DFP home office in France, Bentley handled an aluminum paper weight and pondered the possibilities of using the lightweight metal to produce motorsport engines. Of course, industry leaders scoffed. “Aluminum is too weak, too soft and prone to meltdown”, they said. Not one to be discouraged, Bentley began to experiment with fortifying aluminum using other metals. When he tried mixing copper with aluminum, he hit the jackpot. He had discovered an alloy compound that was substantially lighter than steel, had excellent heat dissipation properties and was durable enough to withstand motorsport usage.

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With his innovative new alloy in tow, Bentley went to work on his own car. He put the aluminum alloy to use by forging lightweight pistons. He immediately began wining races with ease. It was around this time that World War I broke out. Bentley joined the Royal Naval Air Service and quickly introduced the idea of adapting his aluminum pistons for aircraft engines. This made Allied airplane engines more powerful and the planes faster; giving British and American pilots a distinctive advantage in the skies.
Soon after World War I ended, Bentley shared his brilliant invention with the world. The lightweight alloy pistons changed automobile performance forever. To this day, aluminum alloy pistons are used in all production automobiles. Aluminum and aluminum alloys have revolutionized the performance and efficiency of mass-produced automobiles.

In 1919, W.O. Bentley’s desire to build a fast car, combined with his vision for the future, led him to kick-start an automaker that has become an iconic worldwide brand. This automaker is called Bentley Motors. The extraordinary firm attracted visionaries, winning racers, adventurers and successful entrepreneurs from around the world. People just like Bentley owners of today.

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During the roaring twenties, Bentley was extremely successful in racing and in setting new speed records. In 1924 they won their first Le Mans – then won three more from 1927 through 1930. W.O. Bentley made no bones about his drive for racing prowess. He used his success on the race track to gain publicity and generate sales. The more Bentley won on the track, the more the Bentley marquee was recognized by consumers. Bentley’s racing succeed is attributed to tireless preparation, and the ability to adapt with changing circumstances. With each year Bentley race cars got faster and more dependable. These characteristics have been passed along to luxurious Bentley production vehicles throughout the years. This unique Bentley racing legacy is sometimes called the “Green Thread”.

It is worth noting that Bentley not only won the 1930 Le Mans but finished first and second. In 2003, a pair of Bentley Speed 8s again finished in first and second at Le Mans. Amazing!

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