Produced from 1974 through 1990, the Lamborghini Countach is the first impression many Americans have of a supercar. With its distinctive “shark nose” and rear spoilers, the Lamborghini Countach – especially the LP400 – remains a very popular vehicle with collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Expert Lamborghini Service

Lamborghini Countach service and repair demands a particular type of specialist. A vehicle as unique and historically relevant as the Lamborghini Countach requires a team of factory-trained technicians like the ones represented at Forza Tuning and Performance in Clearwater, Florida. Proud to serve the Tampa, Tampa Bay, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg, Florida communities, Forza owner Brenton Brown settled on a Gulf Coast location after he recognized the need for an exotic vehicle specialist firm in the area. When it comes to Lamborghini Countach service and repair, there is no one better – not in the United States – not even the dealership.

Lamborghini Countach red

Lamborghini Dealer Alternative

Speaking of the dealership; most of them avoid cars from the era of the Lamborghini Countach. Since dealerships generally tend to lack the tools, knowledge, and technicians to properly maintain and repair classic cars like the Countach, they send them away to independent repair facilities. Unfortunately, most independent repair facilities are not capable of Lamborghini Countach service either.

Thank goodness for Forza Tuning and Performance. Led by the Exotic Car Doc (Forza President Brenton Brown), an ASE L1 Level Auto Technician who has more than 20 years of experience in cars like the Lamborghini Countach, Forza is your best option for quality Lamborghini Countach service, repair, performance modification, and tuning in the United States.

If you are not fortunate enough to reside within the beautiful confines of Florida’s Sun Coast, Forza luxury vehicle transport caters to Lamborghini Countach owners located anywhere within the continental United States. You may utilize this professionally operated, fully enclosed, and comprehensively insured exotic vehicle transport as either a one-way or roundtrip service.


State-of-the-Art Forza Facility

Much like the Forza transport, the state-of-the-art Forza facility is outfitted to accommodate exotic vehicles (such as your beautiful Lamborghini Countach) with their minimal ground clearance and wide stance. All vehicle lifts, jacks, ramps, and platforms are designed with a focus on exotic vehicles.

Forza technicians are factory trained and possess all the specialty tools required to perform any repair on your timeless Italian beauty. Authorized technicians even have access to an all-wheel dynamometer for testing and tuning purposes. There is nobody better equipped or prepared to service your Lamborghini Countach than Forza.

If high-performance is your thing – the Exotic Car Doc is considered to be the premier modification guru in the nation. When it comes to the Lamborghini Countach, nobody can make it accelerate quicker, go faster, run smoother, or last longer than the Exotic Car Doc. Twin turbocharger and supercharger kits, F1 racing air filters, performance exhaust, and ECU calibration (tuning) are all within his realm of expertise.

Lamborghini Suspension & Brake Upgrades

Once your engine is performing at optimum efficiency, you will want the Exotic Car Doc back on the case with suspension and braking system upgrades; as well as application-specific modifications and custom appearance packages.

The Exotic Car Doc and his team at Forza Tuning and Performance can keep your Lamborghini Countach factory fresh or make your high-performance dreams come true. It’s up to you.