We think that Lamborghini’s founder would be happy that Brenton Brown, founder of Forza Tuning & Performance was providing top-rated care for his Lamborghini brand!

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The Lamborghini Founder’s history tells a lot about what makes his brand so very special.

It has been said that a person’s vehicle reflects their personality and nature. As a Lamborghini owner, I would like to think that my essence is reflected not only in my car but also in the personality of Automobili Lamborghini founder Ferruccio Lamborghini You see, Ferruccio was an innovator; driven, outspoken, intelligent and charismatic.

In retrospect, Ferruccio was also a lot like Forza Tuning and Performance owner and Lamborghini specialist, Brenton Brown. Forza is your one-stop source for Lamborghini service, repair, tuning, and aftermarket high-performance modification.

Ferruccio was a man driven by his vision. His drive and desire were primary contributors to the Lamborghini empire that exists today. You will also find Brenton energetic, attentive, and committed to providing you with the best Lamborghini service experience possible.

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Like Ferruccio, Brenton is not afraid to apply a little elbow grease to get the job done in a manner which meets his high standards. Back in 1963, when Automobili Lamborghini was first established, fifty-year old Ferruccio would frequently roll-up his sleeves and work on the Lamborghinis himself to get something just right. Brenton, an L1 level ASE technician, is personally involved with every Lamborghini that rolls through Forza for service or repair.

Ferruccio, already a wealthy man through his successful tractor manufacturing business, was ridiculed for his desire to build a supercar that would compete with Ferrari. Critics said that he would squander his wealth and become an embarrassment to his family and country. Brenton was a successful exotic car tuner and lead technician in a stable firm when he chose to pursue his dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

Both men chose to ignore the naysayers and overcome their fears. Now, one builds the Lamborghini in the Italian countryside, and another enhances the Lamborghini to make it all that it can be in the ultramodern Forza facility. In the early days of Lamborghini, when Ferruccio was looking to build just the right engine for the legendary 350 GT, he sought out engine builder Giotto Bizzarrini.

When Brenton founded Forza Tuning and Performance, he hand-picked the most talented and dedicated factory trained Lamborghini auto repair technicians, the most experienced and courteous service personnel, and the most professional support people on the planet. These days, Brenton and the Forza squad are caring for and fine tuning the Lamborghini tradition that Ferruccio and Bizzarrini began so many years ago.

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Like Ferruccio chose Sant’Agata Bolognese (near Bologna) as the ideal location for his auto plant, Brenton selected beautiful Clearwater, Florida as the backdrop for Forza Tuning and Performance. Ferruccio’s experience with manufacturing allowed him to configure his assembly plant in the most efficient manner possible.

Likewise, Brenton’s experience as a technician and tuner of Lamborghini automobiles permitted him to layout the specialized Forza repair bays in a way that optimizes efficiency. It also situates technicians and administrative personnel so that they may remain in constant contact; promoting a common goal of total customer satisfaction.

From factory scheduled maintenance to brake and suspension repair to engine and transmission work, you can trust Forza Tuning and Performance for all your Lamborghini auto service needs. For all your Lamborghini high-performance and tuning wants, Forza has the skill and knowledge to put you firmly at the head of the pack.