As is the case with most Lamborghini vehicles, the Murcielago (the Spanish word for the flying mammal known as a bat) is named after a famous fighting bull. In the year 1879, Murcielago fought valiantly in the arena against the famous matador, Rafael “El Lagartijo” Molina Sánchez. The venue was the Coso de los califas bullring in Córdoba, Spain and Murcielago fought so courageously that the matador actually awarded him a strange honor by sparing his life.

Even though he had survived twenty-four sword strokes, Murcielago went on to sire an entire lineage of great fighting bulls under the ownership of a relevant local breeder known as Don Antonio Miura.

Any vehicle with a heritage this special has to stand out among automotive masterpieces. The Lamborghini Murcielago, produced from 2001 through 2010, is certainly outstanding – and so much more. Any car this unique and spectacular also requires a specialist to keep it running and riding at its best. Enter Forza Tuning and Performance – your source for complete Lamborghini Murcielago service and repair. Under the leadership of the Exotic Car Doc (founder Brenton Brown), Forza is proud to serve the Tampa, Tampa Bay, Clearwater and St. Petersburg, Florida communities.

Exotic Tuning For Murcielago

Whether your Lamborghini Murcielago needs a maintenance tune-up, wheel alignment, brake service, engine repair, transmission replacement/repair, rear-end repair/replacement, steering /suspension repair, driveshaft service/replacement, engine cooling system repair, heating, and air conditioning repair/maintenance, an oil change, a transmission service/flush or wheel and tire rotation/replacement or some other type of repair, Forza can deliver a degree of service and repair that exceeds even that of the dealership. Most dealerships flat out refuse to work on older Lamborghini Murcielago models and independent repair shops lack the capability. Forza Tuning and Performance is always at the ready with factory-trained techs and all the specialty tools required to get the job done better than anyone else. In a nutshell; Forza can keep your Lamborghini Murcielago running better – for longer – than anybody in the nation.


Lamborghini Brake & Suspension Upgrade

Forza Tuning and Performance also offers performance brake and suspension system upgrades, application specific upgrades (such as paddle shifters, etc.) and appearance packages (wraps, logos, etc.) for your Lamborghini.

Don’t reside within the beautiful confines of Florida’s Sun Coast? Don’t sweat it. Forza offers fully enclosed, insured, professionally operated exotic vehicle transport from anywhere in the continental United States. This white glove, luxury vehicle transport is available as either a one-way or roundtrip service.