Forza Tuning & Performance is the Expert Lamborghini Service Specialist you’ve been searching for.

As a Lamborghini owner, you are a member of an exclusive club. You have the pleasure of driving one of the most awe-inspiring vehicles on the street; but you also need someone who is qualified to service it. After all, it isn’t just any Joe Shadetree that can effectively maintain a state-of-the-art Italian supercar. Enter Forza Tuning and Performance, your Lamborghini service, repair, maintenance, and modification specialist.

Forza tuning and high-performance upgrades are widely known among vehicle enthusiasts. What you may not know is that Forza employs a full staff of factory trained technicians to handle all your factory scheduled Lamborghini maintenance and general repairs.

Let’s have a look at the Forza rundown of Lamborghini factory scheduled maintenance for a Huracan (other Lamborghini models shown below use a similar schedule):

9,000-Mile (1-Year Service)

After 9,000-miles of enthusiastic driving maneuvers, your beloved Lamborghini Huracan is ready for its first service at the hands of a highly-trained and experienced Forza technician. No major repairs scheduled this time; just a healthy dose of TLC from a set of experienced eyes and hands.

Only the engine oil and the oil filter will need to be automatically replaced during this service, but this exotic beauty is in store for a thorough inspection with help from a Lamborghini factory checklist.

Under the hood, factory trained Forza technicians will check all the fluids, inspect the air filter and air filter housing, check the battery charge level and connectors, check all electrical connectors, check the air conditioning / heating system and all dust filters, and check the radiator.

The chassis underbody gets a complete inspection. Steering and suspension components are tested for tightness and wear. Tires and rims are checked, as is the tire repair kit. All adjusters are inspected and lubricated along with door and hood hinges. The brake hydraulic system, brake pads, and rotors are checked.

The Forza squad will test all system lighting, the instrument cluster warning lamps, operation of windows and doors, and the safety belts.

Finally, with the fluids refilled to the appropriate level, a Forza Lamborghini specialist will reset the service message, run comprehensive factory diagnostics, and road test your vehicle.

Fastener tightening torque will be checked against factory specifications (with a torque wrench) and adjusted to the proper degree.

18,000-Mile (2-Year Service)

If the 9,000-mile service was a minor service; the 18,000-mile service would be considered a major service. If there is a downside to owning and driving a powerful Italian sports car, it would have to be the frequency with which it must be tuned-up. In most cases, a Lamborghini tune-up should be performed in intervals no greater than 20,000-miles.

Here is a basic overview of other items included in the Lamborghini Huracan’s 18,000-mile service Performed by

Forza Tuning and Performance.

Forza factory trained technicians will replace engine coolant (single or multiple radiator setup), replace spark plugs, replace the engine oil and filter, inspect and replace the belt and tensioner (as required), replace the cabin air filters, as well as flushing and replacement of the brake fluid.

Inspection and re-torqueing of the same items as the 9,000-mile service will also be performed. A comprehensive factory diagnostic test will be performed along with a road test.