McLaren 600LT
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Nationally recognized performance expert (and Forza head-honcho) Brenton Brown is the “King of the Hill” when it comes to McLaren 600LT performance modification. Forza Performance Packages include customized ECU calibration (tuning) and F-1 Race Air Filters. Forza performance exhaust upgrades range from complete systems to high flow catless downpipes (off road use) to exhaust tips in various finishes. Forza also offers custom wheel and tire packages, performance brake upgrades and appearance enhancements like vinyl wraps, logos and badges specially designed for your McLaren 600LT.

McLaren 600LT Stage 1

  • Custom Tune and Air Filters

McLaren 600LT Stage 2

  • Custom Tune, Air Filters, and Downpipes

McLaren 600LT Stage 3

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Contact us for pricing on custom exhaust systems, cosmetic upgrades and tire/wheel packages.

Contact us for pricing on custom exhaust systems, cosmetic upgrades and tire/wheel packages.


McLaren 600LT Performance Modification and Tuning

Whether you need more power from your McLaren 600LT or just want it to sound and look fresh, Forza Tuning and Performance in Clearwater, Florida is your one-stop solution. Forza offers enclosed vehicle transport for your McLaren 600LT. One-way or roundtrip vehicle transports are available. All Forza enclosed vehicle transports are fully insured and professionally operated.

Finding the right firm to service and repair my McLaren 600LT was no day at the beach. Looking to avoid the high overhead costs and extended waiting periods often encountered at the McLaren dealership, I took a chance on Forza Tuning and Performance in Clearwater, Florida. Forza offered enclosed vehicle transport from anywhere in the continental United States and the Exotic Car Doc (Forza CEO Brenton Brown) seemed to know more about my McLaren 600LT than anyone else that I considered. After everything was said and done, Forza had exceeded my expectations by providing friendly, expert service and doing the job right the first time. Now, Brenton Brown and the Forza crew are my “go-to guys” for complete McLaren 600LT service and repair.

Whether I need factory scheduled maintenance, a tune up, a four-wheel alignment, brake service, engine repair, transmission replacement/repair, rear end repair/replacement, steering /suspension repair, driveshaft service/replacement, engine cooling system repairs, heating and air conditioning repair/maintenance, an oil change, a transmission service/flush, wheel and tire rotation/replacement – or virtually any other type of service and repair – I trust Forza to handle it right the first time.


Introduced in 2018, the McLaren 600LT offers a significant weight reduction (212-pounds) from the McLaren 570S. It also features a longtail (LT) design – inspired by the F1 GTR Longtail – as well as enhanced aerodynamic properties. Aerodynamics are improved via an extended front splitter, extended rear diffuser, innovative side sills and an aero-enhancing fixed rear wing. In addition to the customary McLaren carbon-fiber monocoque shell, the McLaren 600LT utilizes lightweight carbon-fiber in the roof, roof rails and the front fenders. A lightweight titanium exhaust system also contributes to the weight reduction strategy of the McLaren 600LT. McLaren 600LT Spider production began in January 2019.

Race inspired engine design, utilizing a flat-plane crankshaft and a dry sump lubrication system, permits the twin turbocharged V8 to be mounted lower in the chassis of the McLaren 600LT. This contributes to the fantastic degree of agility and handling possessed by the McLaren 600LT. The 3.8-liter twin turbocharged V8 engine is mated to a seven-speed, dual-clutch, seamless-shift gearbox. In Sport Mode the McLaren 600LT exhibits a distinctive aural crack as a result of the momentary pause in ignition spark between shifts. Quicker and smoother shifts are the result. The McLaren 600LT is capable of producing 592hp and 457 lb.-ft. of torque and accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in 2.8-seconds. Computer controlled top speed is 204 mph.

Sure, the McLaren 600LT is fast. Question is: In factory trim, is the McLaren 600LT fast enough for you?

McLaren 600LT Service

The Exotic Car Doc is an ASE Certified Level 1 Technician with more than twenty-five years of exotic vehicle experience. Not only has he personally selected a team of factory trained technicians, but he has also fabricated a facility that is purpose-built to accommodate exotic automobiles like my McLaren 600LT (with its minimal ground clearance and wide stance). Forza has everything from “zero-clearance” vehicle lifts to specially designed tire and tire balance machines to a four-wheel dynamometer for testing and tuning purposes. They have all the McLaren specialty tools and access to the latest McLaren service and repair data. Whether it’s general service or a major repair, Forza’s unique system of checks and rechecks delivers outstanding results – even better than the McLaren dealership.

Forza serves the communities of Tampa, Tampa Bay, Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Orlando, Florida, but they offer professionally operated enclosed vehicle transport from anywhere within the Continental United States. Every Forza enclosed vehicle transport is fully insured and equipped with the most efficient apprehension and safety equipment in the industry.

In addition to McLaren 600LT service and repair, Forza is also widely respected for their performance modification and tuning capabilities. Brenton Brown is a nationally recognized performance and tuning guru with dozens of high-profile builds to his credit. Forza performance packages are expertly installed with meticulous attention to detail. This degree of dedication yields an extreme level of performance with better than stock reliability.

Trust Forza for all your McLaren 600LT service, repair, performance modification and tuning needs. You will be glad that you did.