Forza is your dealer alternative for all Ferrari repairs including, but not limited to: electrical, heating & A/C, suspension, brakes, engine, transmission and differential.


The manufacturer can’t foresee every issue that will arise. At Forza, we not only use manufacturer recommendations, be also our our knowledge & expertise about Ferrari obtained over the years. We take pride in custom tailoring a maintenance schedule to fit your vehicles’s specific needs.


Prior to purchasing any Ferrari, it’s important to have it properly inspected. Forza offers prospective buyers a rigorous pre-purchase inspection on all vehicles. We know how important peace of mind is on any new purchase.

Hello, my name is Brenton Brown. I have been working on high end cars for over 20yrs. I founded Forza Tuning and Performance to provide my fellow exotic and sports car enthusiasts with a reputable dealership alternative for Ferrari factory scheduled maintenance and repairs; as well as a reliable source for aftermarket high-performance modifications that range from minimal to extreme.

At our beautiful, state-of-the-art facility in Clearwater, Florida, my hand-picked crew and I are surrounded by the latest in tools and equipment. From the most modern hand-tools to a four-wheel dynamometer (used for testing and tuning purposes), no expense has been spared to ensure that we can deliver on a level of Ferrari maintenance, repair, and modification that is unrivaled in the industry.

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Ferrari Owners all over the country choose Forza Tuning and Performance for their maintenance based on 3 essential principles.

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Integrity is Key

When if comes to regular maintenance or repairs on your Ferrari at Forza, that means doing the right thing even when no one is looking. Doing right even when nobody else will ever know. Simply put, integrity means doing the right thing – no matter what. At Forza Tuning and Performance, we have been blessed with a roster of experienced professionals who conduct themselves with integrity in all aspects of their lives. Because we seek to build long-term relationships with our customers, we have no choice but to demand this level of integrity from every Forza team member.

Accessibility and Transparency in All Things

As an exotic and high-performance vehicle enthusiast and exotic shop owner, I am always glad to discuss your ideas and suggestions about your Ferrari Maintenance. As an L1 ASE certified technician, I am well equipped to turn your hopes and visions into a reality. My office door is always open to all clients and my cell phone remains on day and night.

If you would like a personal tour of Forza Tuning and Performance, I am delighted to show-off our well- equipped facility to established and perspective customers alike.

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Customer Satisfaction is Our Top Priority
Granted the privilege of working side-by-side with every Forza team member, I can give you my personal guarantee that each one is knowledgeable, skilled, honest, and committed to providing you with the best Ferrari service, repair, or modification experience possible. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that our valued customers are satisfied with the level of friendly, professional service provided.

In order to accommodate our clients all over the U.S., we offer fully-insured, professional, enclosed transportation for your Ferrari vehicle. You may choose from one-way or round-trip service from anywhere in the continental United States.

Forza Tuning and Performance is a better alternative than “Dealer” service for your Ferrari. We offer personalized professional care for your prized vehicles. When you call us, Brenton Brown (Forza founder and owner) is available to speak with you at length about your car and your needs or plans. Brenton is himself an ASE Master L1 Certified technician who may be “hands-on” with your vehicle for maintenance, repair or modifications; in any event, Brenton will be the man who oversees technicians who perform any work on your machine.

The entire Forza crew understands how much you love and treasure your Ferrari. Forza invites you to compare your experience with us against your experience with your current dealer and decide for yourself which gives the best one-on-one personalized service. Our reputation has been built by knowing not only your car, but also by learning, knowing, and respecting you.

Forza offers fully insured, enclosed and professional vehicle transportation, round-trip or one-way as you require, anywhere in the continental United States.

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