Forza is your dealer alternative for all McLaren repairs including, but not limited to: electrical, heating & A/C, suspension, brakes, engine, transmission and differential.


The manufacturer can’t foresee every issue that will arise. At Forza, we not only use manufacturer recommendations, be also our our knowledge & expertise about McLaren obtained over the years. We take pride in custom tailoring a maintenance schedule to fit your vehicles’s specific needs.


Prior to purchasing any McLaren, it’s important to have it properly inspected. Forza offers prospective buyers a rigorous pre-purchase inspection on all vehicles. We know how important peace of mind is on any new purchase.

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The name McLaren sparks immediate interest in sports car enthusiasts of all ages. If you are one of the fortunate individuals who owns a McLaren vehicle, you need to know that Forza Tuning and Performance offers you a reputable dealer alternative when it comes to factory scheduled maintenance, general repairs, and high-performance modification for your British Beauty.

Established in 2014, Forza Tuning and Performance is equipped with the most modern tools and equipment (including a four-wheel dynamometer) and staffed by the most dedicated service professionals and factory trained technicians anywhere. Owner Brenton Brown, himself an exotic vehicle enthusiast and an ASE L1 Certified Technician with more than two-decades of experience, is personally involved in every repair performed by the Forza team of experts.

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There are three basic precepts which Brenton and the Forza crew consciously implement in every aspect of daily operation:

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Integrity First

Truth, honesty, and integrity must be our top priority. Realizing that, in order to become an integral part of the exotic and high-performance vehicle community we must possess a sterling reputation, we strive to do everything above board and honestly. You can expect a level of integrity from the entire Forza team that exceeds expectation and far surpasses accepted standards. Brenton holds himself accountable for the highest level of integrity and accepts no less of the Forza crew.


Ever sat down for lunch with the owner of a McLaren dealership? Highly doubtful but you can sit across the desk from Brenton Brown (known as the Exotic Car Doc) and discuss ideas pertinent to your McLaren vehicle ad nauseam. After that, you just might be taken to lunch at one of the many gulf shore restaurants of Clearwater. The Forza state-of-the-art facility is also available for guided tours for perspective and established customers alike. Expect transparency in all aspects of vehicle service, repair, and modification at Forza Tuning and Performance.

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Customer Satisfaction
At Forza, we know that we are nothing without our beloved customers. All Forza team members – from entry-level vehicle wash and detail professionals to the most skilled and experienced technician – are committed to complete customer satisfaction. We perform only repairs that have been pre-approved by the vehicle owner and we strive to deliver on schedule, every time. We seek to build long-term relationships with our customers. The foundation of these relationships is customer satisfaction, in our opinion.

For our many cherished McLaren customers within the continental United States, Forza offers professional, enclosed, and insured transport to our facility in Clearwater, Florida. This luxury service is extended as one-way or round-trip – at your discretion.

Forza Tuning and Performance is a better alternative than “Dealer” service for your McLaren. We offer personalized professional care for your prized vehicles. When you call us, Brenton Brown (Forza founder and owner) is available to speak with you at length about your car and your needs or plans. Brenton is himself an ASE Master L1 Certified technician who may be “hands-on” with your vehicle for maintenance, repair or modifications; in any event, Brenton will be the man who oversees technicians who perform any work on your machine.

The entire Forza crew understands how much you love and treasure your McLaren. Forza invites you to compare your experience with us against your experience with your current dealer and decide for yourself which gives the best one-on-one personalized service. Our reputation has been built by knowing not only your car, but also by learning, knowing, and respecting you.

Forza offers fully insured, enclosed and professional vehicle transportation, round-trip or one-way as you require, anywhere in the continental United States.

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