For decades, Mercedes-Benz AMG vehicles have lived at the intersection of style and performance. As the perfect combination of opulence and acceleration, your Mercedes-Benz AMG demands specialized care and modification. Would you depend upon a landscape architect to install fine marble flooring or a roofer to service your swimming pool. I think not. You certainly don’t want an ordinary mechanic trying to service and repair your top-tier Mercedes-Benz AMG.

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You want Brenton Brown (a.k.a. the Exotic Car Doc) and his hand-The Forza courteous and respectful at all times. Technicians are certified, experienced and skilled Mercedes-Benz AMG specialists, who are subjected to regular industry training. Although Forza president, Brenton Brown, is an ASE Certified L1 Level Technician with more than twenty-years of experience in exotic automobiles, he doesn’t believe that being a great technician gives you the right to have a bad attitude. At Forza, customers are always treated with respect.

You may own aother model. Sooner or later you will need a maintenance tune up, wheel alignment, brake service, engine repair, transmission replacement/repair, rear end repair/replacement, steering /suspension repair, driveshaft service/replacement, engine cooling system repair, heating and air conditioning repair/maintenance, an oil change, a transmission service/flush or wheel and tire rotation/replacement or some other type of repair. When that day arrives; it is in your best interest to see the pros at Forza for all your Mercedes-Benz AMG service and repair needs.

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When it comes to high-performance modification and tuning, the Exotic Car Doc has built a sterling reputation in making Mercedes-Benz AMG vehicles perform better than you ever imagined. Twin turbo kits, supercharger kits, turbocharger upgrades, performance exhaust systems, suspension upgrades, appearance packages, application specific upgrades, brake system upgrades (and more) are all within his realm of expertise. If you can dream it – chances are that the Exotic Car Doc can make it a reality.

Specializing in Mercedes-Benz AMG automobiles allows the Forza team to perform at a level that exceeds anything you will find at the dealership. Forza AMG specialists are capable of doing any repairs offered at the Mercedes-Benz dealership – and many more. Forza performance modifications and expert tuning are widely recognized as the best anywhere.
If you are a Mercedes-Benz AMG vehicle owner, who does not reside