When you drive a Mustang Cobra and the supercharger kicks in, it feels as though time starts to bend around the fenders. As your heart starts to beat faster, you really may feel like time is slowing down. That’s a lot of horses you’re controlling with the sole of your shoe.

So what if you end up needing to take your baby in for some repairs? Will anyone in close proximity to you work? What if you want to drop some modifications to your sexy beast, will you trust anyone to do the job? Of course not! You would take your car to a specialist who is going to value your baby as much as you do. That is where Forza comes in! With over twenty years experience, Forza provides customers with full service vehicle repair by factory certified technicians. Forza offers a complete line of performance packages including: engine/drivetrain modifications, supercharger/twin turbo builds and custom tuning on high performance vehicles like the Mustang and much more.

Forza’s state of the art facility has the most advanced automotive technology available. Our All Wheel Drive (AWD) Dynamometer provides the safest and most accurate solution for testing, tuning and certifying vehicle performance. Our global network of partners ensures access to the most advanced manufacturer specific diagnostic and tuning equipment available. We welcome all car enthusiasts to arrange a tour of our facility.