1100HP Hellcat Redeye BURNOUT! 

After helping local firefighters fish a skinny-dipper out of the cesspool behind the shop, the Forza crew found time to test-drive the 25th Speed Society Giveaway Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye with a Forza Stage 4-R Performance Package (plus a few extras hand-picked by Brenton Brown). Situated in a secret location, on a closed course (somewhere south of the border), the Forza Proving Grounds are more secure and mysterious than the Bat Cave. Here, Brenton Brown and his team of skilled professionals can carry-out advanced driving maneuvers that are essential to the performance tuning process. On these revered stretches of blacktop, cars such as the Speed Society Giveaway Hellcat Redeye push the limits of street car performance.

Hellcat Redeye a 6.2-liter supercharged HEMI V8

The Speed Society Hellcat Redeye Giveaway car started out as a 797hp Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye Widebody. Nationally renowned performance guru – and Forza honcho – Brenton Brown took over from there. Dodge gave the Hellcat Redeye a 6.2-liter supercharged HEMI V8. Brenton upgraded the supercharger with a ported and polished unit from Jokerz Performance. The massive new blower was fitted with a Griptec pulley, a Gates Green belt and a Forza supercharger spacer kit. On the crankshaft end, Brenton installed an oversize harmonic balancer with an ATI pin kit to prevent slippage.

1,100HP Dyno Pull

More air demands more fuel. Brenton used a Kenne Bell dual boost-a-pump and a set of 1300cc fuel injectors from Injector Connection to provide it. Brenton chose a set of American Racing long tube exhaust headers (2-inch) and high-flow catalytic converters to get those spent gases away from the motor with quickness. Other performance mods include a set of Brisk Racing spark plugs and a Milodan low-temperature thermostat. When all is said and done, this Hellcat Redeye hit the dyno and demonstrated 1,100hp at the rear wheels.

Speaking of the rear wheels; a wheel hop eliminator kit from AAD Performance, a Sophn Performance rear swaybar link kit and a Per4mance Development DIRS Extreme billet rear differential brace keep the Redeye rear end stable, straight and true.

When Speed Society Redeye Giveaway winner Brayton Swan got behind the wheel for a burnout, his facial expression said it all. “Job well done Forza. Keep up the great work.”

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