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Learn the History Behind Forza

Forza Tuning & Performance is dedicated to providing the highest level of care to discerning customers. Whether utilizing our facility for a more personalized dealer alternative, or performance upgrades, we stand ready to provide customer service that is second to none.

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Full-Service Vehicle Repair by Factory-Certified Techs

With over twenty years experience, Forza provides customers with full-service vehicle repair by factory-certified technicians. Forza offers a complete line of performance packages including engine/drivetrain modifications, supercharger/twin turbo builds, and custom tuning on high-performance vehicles.

Forza’s state-of-the-art facility has the most advanced automotive technology available. Our All Wheel Drive (AWD) Dynamometer provides the safest and most accurate solution for testing, tuning, and certifying vehicle performance. Our global network of partners ensures access to the most advanced manufacturer-specific diagnostic and tuning equipment available. We welcome all car enthusiasts to arrange a tour of our facility.

Brenton Brown

Forza History Q&A

Brenton Brown, the owner of Forza Tuning and Performance, is a self-taught mechanic, fabricator, and tuner. Brenton, a native to Louisville, amazed his parents when he started constructing advanced building sets before he could even read the instructions to put them together.

After attending car shows with his dad, Brenton became enamored with exotic cars. He studied engine manuals and car magazines, becoming instantly hooked.

He started fixing the neighborhood go-karts and mini bikes. While his dad was at work one day Brenton grabbed the manual to his dad’s lawnmower and took the mower apart, just to put it together the next day.

brenton brown working on car with guy

By 12, he had a plan to buy his first car. He spent the next five years mowing lawns and saving his money, At 17 he bought a ’64 Impala, but with no money to modify it, he started fixing and modifying other people’s cars. He gained the reputation of being “the guy who fixes everything” and continued teaching himself even more.

​After Brenton graduated high school, he knew without a doubt that he wanted to continue doing what he loved – working on cars.

He had the determination and persistence to make his dream of working on performance cars a reality. For the next several weeks he would stop in one particular exotic car specialty shop looking for a full-time position. After eight or nine of Brenton’s persistent visits, the owner came in from the shop area and stopped Brenton from applying again.

The owner asked “Do you have your own tools?” Brenton replied “Yes.” He was hired on the spot. So began Brenton’s career in Exotic automobiles. For the next eight years, he progressed through general repairs into performance upgrades and even did full “frame-off” restorations.

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Brenton learned quickly and developed valuable skills; his talents became evident to the shop owner. The result was that Brenton became that shop’s head technician. ​But his story doesn’t stop there. Brenton left that exotic car specialty shop on good terms with the owner. Brenton gained his ASE certification, then worked for several local shops until he decided to follow his heart and take the biggest leap of all; opening his own exotic car shop.

​Brenton’s reputation of “the guy that can fix everything” has grown into “Exotic Car Doc”. He has come a long way from that young boy who loved cars and rebuilding engines. He is a happy father who continues to be driven by the desire to turn his dreams into the reality you see at Forza Tuning and Performance.